The Escutcheon

Volume 9

Number 3 – Easter Term, 2004

Cecil R. Humphery-Smith, Esq., O.B.E.

This year's Birthday Honours List includes our Honorary Vice President, Cecil Humphery-Smith, who has been honoured as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his services to Education in Genealogy and Heraldry. We offer him our warmest congratulations. We reproduce below a message of appreciation which he sent to his colleagues in which he makes it clear that what has been achieved was really as a result of their joint efforts in these fields.

After more than 45 years leading the Institute's school of family history forward with its academic and cultural work as a volunteer, it has given me more gratification than I ever could have imagined to have found that the hobbies of my childhood now receive world-wide interest and recognition. Work to raise supporting funds with our research team and artists of Achievements Limited has similarly provided much interest and enjoyment.

The pioneer efforts in which my many friends and colleagues have shared with me through The Institute and in associated organisations in the U.K. and elsewhere have been reaping a wonderful harvest that may one day fully justify the dream passed on to me by my late Godfather, Archdeacon Julian Bickersteth. Julian challenged me to establish the school for the study of the history and structure of the family. That is what our Institute has become.

It has been Her Majesty's pleasure to approve my appointment to an honour that is a significant recognition of the work that my colleagues, Alice and I have done together over so many years. My best thanks to fellow Trustees, members and students, past and present. I shall wear the insignia of an Officer of The Order of The British Empire as a representative of our team, past and present in recognition of our services to education in genealogy and heraldry.

Long live Family History.

God save the Queen.

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