The Escutcheon

Volume 9

Number 3 – Easter Term, 2004

A Message from the President

Easter Term proved a fine end to the year for the Society, with two splendid speaker meetings being capped off in traditional style with the Accession Banquet. It was especially pleasing to see so many members from far a field coming up for the Annual General Meeting.

There are a great many people who contributed to making the previous year so successful, both on and off the Committee. I would like to single out for particular thanks, Dr Gordon Wright, our Senior Treasurer and newly elected Honorary Vice-President, and Mr Derek Palgrave, our Minute Secretary, for their tireless efforts.

It has been a great pleasure to act as President over the last twelve months, as it is to welcome my successor, Mr Tom West of Trinity College. I am sure that the Society will thrive under his presidency and will suitably mark what is the fiftieth anniversary of the CU Genealogical Society. I look forward to seeing you at the festivities! With best wishes,

Daniel Coughlan

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