Abeyant, Dormant, and Forfeit Peerages of the British Isles

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Abeyant Peerages

Title Peerage Rank Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Earl of Arlington England Earl 22 April 1672 Bennet, Fitzroy abeyant 1936 also Duke of Grafton and Earl of Euston from 1757
Viscount Thetford England Viscount 22 April 1672 Bennet, Fitzroy abeyant 1936 subsidiary title of the Earl of Arlington; also Duke of Grafton from 1723 to 1936
Baron Braose England Baron 1290 de Braose abeyant 1326
Baron Wake of Liddell England Baron 1295 Wake abeyant 1408 Earl of Kent (1321 creation) 1349-1385; Earl of Kent (1360 creation) 1385-1408; Duke of Surrey 1397-1399
Baron FitzAlan England Baron 1295 FitzAlan abeyant 1306
Baron Umfraville England Baron 1295 Umfraville dormant 1381, abeyant 1421 Also Earl of Angus in Scotland
Baron Bruce of Anandale England Baron 1295 Bruce forfeit 1306 or abeyant 1371 Created for the Earl of Carrick
Baron Mauley England Baron 1295 Mauley Abeyant 1415
Baron Furnivall England Baron 1295 de Furnivall, Nevill, Talbot, Howard, Dent Abeyant 1968 Earl of Shrewsbury 1442-1616; In abeyance 1616-1651; Earl of Arundel 1654-1660; Duke of Norfolk 1660-1777; In abeyance 1777-1913
Baron Fauconberg England Baron 1295 Fauconberge, Nevill, Lane-Fox, Anderson-Pelham, Miller Abeyant 2013 In abeyance 1407-1429, 1470-1903, 1948-2012; Held together with Baron Conyers 1903-1948, 2012–2013
Baron Hylton England Baron 1295 Hylton abeyant 1746
Baron Basset of Drayton England Baron 1295 Basset abeyant or dormant 1390 created by writ
Baron Beke England Baron 1295 Beke abeyant 1304 Created by writ
Baron FitzWarin England Baron 1295 Fitzwarin abeyant 1636
Baron Dynham (or Dynaunt) England Baron 1295 de Dinham abeyant 1501 In 1914 the Committee for Privileges of the House of Lords resolved "That no evidence has been produced of the existence or descent of the alleged Barony of Dynaunt."
Baron Martin England Baron 1295 Martin abeyant 1326
Baron Montfort England Baron 1295 de Montfort extinct or abeyant bef. January 1370 Created by writ.
Baron Foliot England Baron 1295 Foliot abeyant 1325
Baron Hussey England Baron 1295 Hussey abeyant 1470
Baron De La Warr England Baron 1299 la Warr, West Either abeyant 1554 or held together with the creation of 1572
Baron Zouche of Ashby England Baron 1299 la Zouche abeyant 1314
Baron Deincourt England Baron 1299 Deincourt abeyant 1327
Baron Grandison England Baron 1299 de Grandison Abeyant 1375
Baron Mortimer of Chirk England Baron 1299 de Mortimer Abeyant 1322 Created by writ.
Baron Vavasour England Baron 1299 Vavasour abeyant 1826
Baron Ap-Adam England Baron 1299 Ap-Adam abeyant 1310
Baron Scales England Baron 1299 de Scales abeyant 1483
Baron Moels England Baron 1299 de Moels Abeyant 1337 Created by writ.
Baron Mortimer of Richard's Castle England Baron 1299 de Mortimer Abeyant 1304 Created by writ.
Baron Mohun England Baron 1299 de Mohun, le Strange Abeyant 1594? Created by writ. In 1431, this title became united with Baron Strange.
Baron Multon of Egremont England Baron 1299 de Multon Abeyant bef. November 1344 Created by writ.
Baron Chaworth England Baron 1299 de Chaworth abeyant 1507
Baron Beauchamp de Somerset England Baron 1299 de Beauchamp abeyant 1361 1st creation of a barony of that name
Baron Ferrers of Chartley England Baron 1299 Ferrers, Devereux, Shirley, Compton, Townshend abeyant 1855 Viscount Hereford 1550-1572; Earl of Essex 1572-1601, 1604-1646; forfeit 1601-1604; abeyant 1646-1677; Earl Ferrers 1711-1717; abeyant 1741-1749; Earl of Leicester 1784-1807; Marquess Townshend 1811-1855
Baron Darcy of Nocton England Baron 1299 Darcy Abeyant c. 1350
Baron Sudeley England Baron 1299 de Sudeley abeyant 1473 also abeyant 1367-1380
Baron St John of Basing England Baron 1299 St John abeyant 1429 Previously abeyant 1347-1361
Baron Morley England Baron 1299 de Morley, Morley, Lovel, Parker Mordaunt abeyant 1697 Created by writ.
Baron Botetourt England Baron 1305 de Botetourt, Burnell, Berkeley, Somerset Abeyant 1984 Held by the Duke of Beaufort 1803-1984.
Baron Thweng England Baron 1307 Thweng abeyant 1374
Baron Boteler of Wem England Baron 1308 Boteler, Ferrers, de Greystoke, Dacre Abeyant 1411
Baron Tibetot (or Tiptoft) England Baron 1308 Tiptoft abeyant 1372
Baron Badlesmere England Baron 1309 de Badlesmere abeyant 1338 Created by writ
Baron Everingham England Baron 1309 de Everingham abeyant 1388 Created by writ
Baron Strange of Blackmere England Baron 1309 Strange, Talbot abeyant 1616
Baron Audley England Baron 1313 Audley, Tuchet, Ticknesse(-Touchet), (Touchet-)Jesson, Souter Abeyant 1997 Created by writ; abeyances before: 1391–1408 and 1872–1937; forfeiture: 1497–1512(restored)
Baron Charlton (or Cherleton) England Baron 1313 Charleton abeyant 1421
Baron Cobham England Baron 1313 de Cobham, Oldcastle, Brooke, Boothby, Disney, Alexander Abeyant 1951 Forfeit 1603-1916; Abeyant 1789-1916
Baron Marmion of Witringham England Baron 1313 Marmion abeyant about 1360
Baron St Maur England Baron 1314 St Maur abeyant 1625
Baron Brun England Baron 1315 le Brun Abeyant 1354/1355
Baron FitzHugh England Baron 1321 FitzHugh Abeyant 1512/3
Baron Greystoke England Baron 1321 de Greystock, Dacre Abeyant 1569
Baron Aton England Baron 1324 de Aton Abeyant 1373
Baron Grey of Ruthyn England Baron 1324 Butler-Bowdon, Grey, Longueville, Yelverton, Gould, Rawdon, Clifton Abeyant 1963 Created by writ; also Earl of Kent 1465-1639; also Viscount Longueville 1690-1799; also Earl of Sussex 1717-1799; also Marquess of Hastings 1858-1868; Abeyant 1868-1885, 1934-1940
Baron Burghersh England Baron 1330 de Burghersh, le Despencer, de Beauchamp abeyant 1448
Baron Talbot England Baron 1331 Talbot Abeyant 1616
Baron Kerdeston England Baron 1337 de Kerdeston, de Burgersh abeyant 1391
Baron Bourchier England Baron 1348 Bourchier, Parr, Devereux Abeyant 1646
Baron Lovel of Castle Cary England Baron 1348 Lovel Either extinct 1351 or abeyant 1625
Baron Bryan England Baron 1350 de Bryan abeyant 1390
Baron Scrope of Masham England Baron 1350 Scrope abeyant 1517
Baron Holand England Baron 1353 Holland abeyant 1408 1st baron created Earl of Kent in 1360
Baron Lisle England Baron 1357 de Lisle, de Berkeley, Beauchamp Abeyant 1420
Baron Botreaux England Baron 1368 Botreaux Abeyant 1960 The Barony is in abeyance together with the Baronies of Stanley and Hastings
Baron Aldeburgh England Baron 1371 Aldeburgh Abeyant 1391
Baron Stafford England Baron 1371 Stafford Abeyant 1445
Baron Arundel England Baron 1377 Fitzalan either extant (if identical to Baron Maltravers) or abeyant "would probably be held to be the same Barony as that of Mautravers"[14]
Baron Bergavenny England Baron 1392 Beauchamp, Nevill extant or abeyant 3rd to 7th creations occurred when writs issued to heirs male of previous holders - see article. 2nd Baron of 7th creation created Earl of Abergavenny in 1784. 6th Baron of 7th creation created Marquess of Abergavenny in 1876.
Baron West England Baron 1402 West, la Warr Abeyant 1554
Baron Tuchet England Baron 1403 Tuchet Abeyant 1997 created by writ; also Baron Audley from 1408; forfeit 1497-1512; abeyant 1872-1937.
Baron Lisle England Baron 1444 Talbot Abeyant 1470 Created Viscount Lisle in 1451
Baron Stanley England Baron 1456 Stanley Abeyant 1960 The Barony is in abeyance together with the Baronies of Bortreaux and Hastings.
Baron Dacre England Baron 1459 Dacre Abeyant (or extinct (?)) 1461
Baron Hastings of Hastings England Baron 1461 Hastings Abeyant 1960 The Barony is in abeyance together with the Baronies of Stanley and Bortreaux.
Baron Howard England Baron 1470 Howard Abeyant 1777
Baron Grey of Powys England Baron 1482 Grey Abeyant 1552
Baron Monteagle England Baron 1514 Stanley, Parker Abeyant 1697
Baron Sandys of the Vine England Baron 1523 Vaux, Mostyn, Gilbey Abeyant c.1683
Baron Mordaunt England Baron 1532 Mordaunt, Gordon Abeyant 1836
Baron North England Baron 1554 North Abeyant 1942 created by writ; in abeyance 1802-1841.
Baron Compton England Baron 1571 Compton, Townshend abeyant
Baron Clifford England Baron 1628 Clifford, Boyle, Cavendish Abeyant 1858
Baron Strange England Baron 1628 Stanley, Drummond of Megginch Abeyant 1982 Created by writ.
Baron Butler England Baron 1666 Butler, Cowper abeyant


Provided its first two digits can be presumed, the year is indicated by its last two digits only.

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