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Matches 651 to 700 of 900

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651 Mistress of King James V. Stewart, Lady Helen (I299)
652 Monumental Inscription at Masham, Yorkshire. Wyvill, Sir Marmaduke 1st Baronet (I1428)
653 Mortimer set the Royal forces in action against them, and the Earl's town of Leicester was ravaged. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
654 Mr. O., to whom she is now married, is a Scotchman, and was placed as an Usher for £12 a year at a very small school in Ireland. After the death of the Duke, the Duchess requiring a Tutor for her young children, Ogilvie had the luck to be recommended; and being domesticated in the family the Duchess conceived a passion for him which ended in marriage. They have three children, daughters." Ogilvie, William (I1267)
655 Name spelled as "Humfrey" by Foster. Wyvill, Humphrey (I1727)
656 Named in the will of his cousin and brother-in-law John Dyneley, 1721. Dyneley, Robert (I1668)
657 Niece of the well known Lady Sundon. Dyne, Penelope (I1258)
658 Not 8 November, as in Carte's Cat. des Rolles François(de Mowbray), Thomas 1st Duke of Norfolk (I740)
659 Note that this date of death may be erroneous given that the Lacock register states that Sir Robert Baynard was buried 7 June 1636. He certainly died between 16 March (the date of his will) and 7 June, 1636. Baynard, Sir Robert (I2295)
660 Of the Middle Temple, London, 3 October 1595. Aykeroide, Henry (I1594)
661 Office granted for life (de Mowbray), Thomas 1st Duke of Norfolk (I740)
662 On 1 February 1331/32 he had remission of £221 13s. 4d. relief on succeeding to his brother Thomas's lands, because the King had had them in his own hand for six years after the death of Thomas. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
663 On 10 August 1386 he was granted, for life, the manor of Brockenhurst, Hampshire, as from the death of Edward III. (Holand), Thomas 2nd Earl of Kent (I487)
664 On 10 June 1458 he was granted the castle and manor of Wressell, co. York. (Percy), Thomas 1st Baron Egremont (I914)
665 On 10 November 1385 he was sent to Calais to see that the town was in a proper state of defence. (Holand), Thomas 2nd Earl of Kent (I487)
666 On 12 April 1378 he was granted £200 p.a. to support his rank and in lieu of any free as Keeper; on 13 March 1379/80 this was altered to rents worth £796 13s. 4d., to hold as from 21 February last until he had his inheritance. (Holand), Thomas 2nd Earl of Kent (I487)
667 On 12 Feb. 1557/58, by resolution of the House of Lords, he was restored to the precedency of his ancestors, Barons Stafford, and was placed after Lord Talbot. (Stafford), Henry 1st Baron Stafford (I439)
668 On 12 February 1327/28, the Exchequer was ordered to search the rolls of the accounts of the sheriffs of co. Lancaster and to allow Henry to receive ferms and issues of the county as had Edmund his father and Thomas his brother. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
669 On 12 Jan. 1385/86, he received, by charter, the office of Marshal of England, with the name, title, and honour of Earl Marshal in tail male. (de Mowbray), Thomas 1st Duke of Norfolk (I740)
670 On 12 January 1476/77, he had livery of the lands of his parents, but he never had seizin of Abergavenny. (Neville), George 4th Lord Bergavenny (I2324)
671 On 12 September 1329 he had a protection on going beyond seas, and in that month set out for France with a large retinue. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
672 On 13 February 1436/37 he and Elizabeth his wife had a Papal indult to have mass celebrated before daybreak. (Neville), George 1st Lord Latimer (I897)
673 On 13 May 1642 he signed a Petition respecting the King's Propositions. Croft, Thomas (I1596)
674 On 14 July 1341 the King granted him and the heirs of his body certain jura regalia—namely, the return of all King's writs and all pleas of withernaam (de vetito namio) in their lands and fees, &c. (These were afterwards cancelled with the consent of his son Henry.) (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
675 On 14 November 1464 he and the Earl of Warwick were appointed to appear at York on 26 November and prorogue the Parliament sitting there until 21 January following at Westminster. (de Greystoke), Ralph 5th Lord Greystoke (I1756)
676 On 16 February 1618/19, at Market Cross, Edinburgh, he was declared a rebel and traitor. (Campbell), Archibald 7th Earl of Argyll (I1354)
677 On 17 March 1309/10, he was one of those who forced the King to agree to the appointment of the Lords Ordainers. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
678 On 19 October 1364 he witnessed at Dover the marriage treaty of Edward, Earl of Cambridge, and Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy. (Percy), Henry 3rd Lord Percy (I621)
679 On 2 April 1330 he had licence to found a hospital for poor persons and pilgrims in his town of Leicester, to be served by 4 or 5 chaplains, and to appropriate to it Ircester church, of his patronage. This hospital was the Newark, Leicester. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
680 On 2 April 1760 he had a grant of "the crest anciently used by the Earls of Warwick," for himself "and his lawful descendants, being Earls of Warwick"—viz. a bear erect Argent, muzzled Gules, supporting a ragged staff of the first. His motto (not inappropriate for one who by Royal grant and not by descent from the old Earls of Warwick enjoyed not only their lands but their cognizance) was "Vix ea nostra voco." J. Horace Round remarks that the grant is based on the precedent of a similar one to the Dudley Earls of Warwick, by whom the well known Bear and Ragged Staff was borne as a crest; and calls attention to the fact that the "Bear and Ragged Staff was not the Crest of the Beauchamp Earls of Warwick (which was entirely different) but their Badge and the Supporter of their coat of Arms." With respect, however, to Ambrose (Dudley), Earl of Warwick, the case seems very different, as he was not only a descendant, but the senior representative of Richard (Beauchamp), Earl of Warwick, and was actually in remainder to the Earldom of Warwick, granted, in 1450, to (Richard Nevill) the said Earl Richard's son-in-law. It is to be observed that the crest of Beauchamp (viz. the demi swan, issuing out of a crest coronet) was early adopted, in lieu of that of Greville, by the Lords Brooke. (Greville), Francis 1st Earl of Warwick (I2674)
681 On 2 October 1383 he was granted the custody of the New Forest and the castle and town of Southampton, for life. (Holand), Thomas 2nd Earl of Kent (I487)
682 On 20 January 1355/56 he was among the witnesses to Edward Balliol's surrender to Edward III of the Kingdom and (golden) crown of Scotland. (Percy), Henry 3rd Lord Percy (I621)
683 On 20 November 1384 he was granted the custody of the castle and town of Cherbourg. (Holand), Thomas 2nd Earl of Kent (I487)
684 On 22 January 1307/08, he was commanded to meet Edward II and his Queen at Dover, after their marriage at Boulogne. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
685 On 22 May 1447, he had a grant of special precedence given him "before all Dukes who might thenceforward be created, excepting descendants of the King's body." (Stafford), Humphrey 1st Duke of Buckingham (I742)
686 On 22 November 1621 his sentence was reversed. (Campbell), Archibald 7th Earl of Argyll (I1354)
687 On 22 October 1378 he was appointed a Commissioner to treat with Scotland concerning breaches of the peace. (Holand), Thomas 2nd Earl of Kent (I487)
688 On 23 April 1327, he had livery of a large number of honours and manors late of Thomas his brother, the King having taken his homage. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
689 On 23 May 1464 he was pardoned for all offences, and for all debts due from him to the King. (de Greystoke), Ralph 5th Lord Greystoke (I1756)
690 On 24 July 1371 at Plymouth he granted to his companion in arms, Sir Richard Waldegrave, and his heirs male, leave to bear his helm—"party per pale argent and gules, crowned or." (Holand), Thomas 2nd Earl of Kent (I487)
691 On 24 June 1470, as Henry Percy, son of the late Earl, he was constituted Warden of the East and Middle Marches towards Scotland, three months before Edward IV's flight. He was so constituted by patent dated 17 July; a patent of the following day calls him Earl of Northumberland. (Percy), Henry 4th Earl of Northumberland (I763)
692 On 24 March 1457/58 the King reduced the fine to a bond for 4,000 marks that Egremont should keep the peace for 10 years towards the Earl of Salisbury, his wife, his sons, and his retainers. (Percy), Thomas 1st Baron Egremont (I914)
693 On 25 September 1385 the King took his homage and fealty, and gave him livery of his mother's lands, although all the inquisitions taken after her death had not yet been returned into Chancery. (Holand), Thomas 2nd Earl of Kent (I487)
694 On 26 December 1380 he was appointed an Ambassador to treat concerning the King's marriage to Anne, sister of Wenceslaus, King of the Romans and of Bohemia, and daughter of the deceased Emperor Charles. (Holand), Thomas 2nd Earl of Kent (I487)
695 On 27 July 1453, Sir William Lucy and others were commissioned to inquire concerning those guilty of riots and gatherings in cos. York, Northumberland, Cumberland, and Westmorland, and to cause them to find security for their good behaviour and appearance before the King and Council, and to commit to prison such as refused: while Egremont and Neville were straitly charged to depart riotous assemblies and gatherings, and to keep the peace on pain of forfeiture of their goods and lands, and the Earls, their fathers, were ordered to adopt all ways and means possible to put down such assemblies. (Percy), Thomas 1st Baron Egremont (I914)
696 On 27 March 1332, for the special affection which he bore him, the King granted Henry 500 marks yearly for the better maintenance of his estate. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
697 On 3 December 1329 he was joined with the Bishop of Norwich in the negotiations with King Philippe touching questions still at issue between the two Kings after Edward's act of homage at Amiens on 6 June. On 27 Jan. 1330 the Ambassadors had further instructions to negotiate marriages between Jean, eldest son of King Philippe, and Edward's sister Eleanor, and John of Eltham and Princess Marie of France, in which they did not succeed. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
698 On 3 February 1326/27 his brother Thomas was rehabilitated in Parliament, whereby Henry's right of succession to his brother in the Earldom of Lancaster was recognised. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
699 On 3 February 1767 he presented a petition to the House of Lords that he and his heirs should be enabled to use the title of Earl of Warwick only, with the rank of the patent of 7 July 1746, viz. that which conferred the Earldom of Brooke of Warwick Castle. (See Lords' Journals. No further proceedings appear to have been taken in the matter of this (not unreasonable) petition, though the granting thereof would remedy the anomaly of the family styling themselves "Earls of Warwick" (only) whilst taking precedence as "Earls Brooke.") (Greville), Francis 1st Earl of Warwick (I2674)
700 On 3 Nov. 1399 he was deprived of his Dukedom. In May 1414 he was restored to any titles of which he had been deprived in 1399, provided that they had not been granted elsewhere, which proviso prevented his restoration to the Dukedom of Aumale. (Plantagenet), Edward of Norwich, 2nd Duke of York (I434)

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