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701 On 5 Dec. 1532 he paid £20 as a fine to be excused from being Knight of the Bath. He wrote to Cromwell from Stafford, 2 Oct. 1538, that he had removed "the idol called of ignorant persons Saint Erasmus" and had "so used it that no man shall thereby offend in idolatry hereafter." (Stafford), Henry 1st Baron Stafford (I439)
702 On 6 November 1436 the King took his homage and fealty and he had livery of his father's lands. (de Greystoke), Ralph 5th Lord Greystoke (I1756)
703 On 6 October 1586 he was one of the Peers who tried Mary, Queen of Scots, at Fotheringhay. (Neville), Henry 6th Lord Bergavenny (I2317)
704 On 9 May 1387 he was granted the custody of the Tower of London, for life. (Holand), Thomas 2nd Earl of Kent (I487)
705 On his return in 1471, Edward IV, landing in the North, produced a letter, as of summons, from the restored Earl, which eased his progress towards recapture of the throne. (Percy), Henry 4th Earl of Northumberland (I763)
706 On the 11th, 12th, or 13th. de Neville, Hon. Margaret (I1985)
707 On the death in 1199 of his uncle, Richard I, the right to the Crown of England devolved upon Arthur, who in consequence was murdered by his uncle John in 1203. (Plantagenet), Arthur Duke of Brittany, Earl of Richmond (I673)
708 On the death in 1203 of her brother, Arthur, the right to the Crown of England devolved upon Eleanor, who lived imprisoned until her death in 1241. (Plantagenet), Eleanor of Brittany (I674)
709 On the fall of Mortimer in October 1330 his close personal relations with the young King were renewed. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
710 On the nomination of Parliament (Greville), Robert 2nd Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court (I2629)
711 On the pedigree by Foster, Ann's relationship to her parents is denoted by a dotted line, suggesting that he considered her parentage uncertain. Dyneley, Ann (I1581)
712 On the Queen's return to England with Roger de Mortimer in September 1326, Henry joined her party against Edward II, which led to a general desertion of the King's cause, and was appointed Keeper of the castles of Abergavenny and Kenilworth. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
713 Orders were issued for the seizure of his lands in January 1328/29, but rescinded in February upon a heavy fine, which was forgiven in December 1330. (Plantagenet), Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster and of Leicester, Count of Provence (I596)
714 P.C.C. 25 Morrison Guildford, Sir John (I717)
715 P.C.C. 25 Morrison Guildford, Sir John (I717)
716 Papal dispensation, dated kal. Jul. 6 Eugenius IV, for Ralph, s. of John, Lord Greystoke and Elizabeth da. of William, Lord Fitz Hugh to intermarry although related in the 4th–4th degree of consanguinity. Family F943
717 Papal mandate to the Bishop of London, dated non. June 9 Martin V, to dispense Henry Bourghchier and Isabel widow of Thomas Gray kt., to marry, although the said Henry and Isabel were related in the double third degree of consanguinity.  Family F1272
718 Parliament, being an advisory but in no way a sovereign body, had no ability or right in law (either at common law or by royal authority) to effect such an abdication. It is a legal and genealogical anomaly in the history of Great Britain, that at this juncture the rightful heirs general to the Crowns of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland came no longer to be generally recognised as such by the countries' leading families of the Protestant confession. To this day the rightful heir to these thrones, who is at present Franz Duke of Bavaria, has remained deprived of such recognition. (Stuart), H.M. James II & VII King of Great Britain (I238)
719 Place of burial given by Foster as "York Cathedral" presumably referring to York Minster. Wyvill, Margaret (I1720)
720 Possibly 16 Feb 1518/19 Family F224
721 Possibly buried at Woodbridge, Suffolk, England Croft, Thomas (I2047)
722 Prerogative Court for Ireland (FitzGerald), James 1st Duke of Leinster (I1266)
723 Prerogative Court of Canterbury (P.C.C.) Huntington, Olive (I2221)
724 Prerogative Court of Canterbury (P.C.C.), Luffenam 14. de Poynings, Hon. Sir Richard (I777)
725 Prerogative Court of Canterbury (P.C.C.), Stokton 3. Berkeley, Eleanor (I781)
726 Prerogative Court of York Huntington, Rev. William (I2217)
727 Proved before the Judge by the oath of Mary Huntington Spinster the Niece the sole Executrix to whom admon was granted having been first sworn by Commission duly to administer. Huntington, Olive (I2221)
728 Proved by Sophia Lowe Thornton Whitaker of Leconfield Rectory, co. York, the relict, the sole Executrix Whitaker, Rev. Robert (I2735)
729 Recognised as hereditary (Stafford), Henry 2nd Duke of Buckingham (I762)
730 Registered at Otley, Yorkshire, England Family F908
731 Repeated 21 Jan 1590 at Kronborg Castle, Helsingør, Denmark Family F114
732 Requested burial beside his first wife at Benenden, Kent, England. Guildford, Sir John (I717)
733 Role: Administrator O'Brien, Henry Lord Ibrackan (I347)
734 Role: Administrator Croft, Charles James Wanley (I2129)
735 Role: Executor (Gordon-Lennox), Colonel Charles Henry 8th Duke of Richmond (I969)
736 Role: Executor Littlejohn, David (I36)
737 Royal College of Art, London Croft, Sir Thomas Stephen Hutton 6th Baronet (I2576)
738 See Cal. Charter Rolls, volume vi, page 258. On the same day his son and heir Thomas Howard was created Earl of Surrey, and William, Viscount Berkeley, the other coheir of the great Mowbray inheritance, was created Earl of Nottingham. (Howard), John 1st Duke of Norfolk (I698)
739 See Cal. Patent Rolls, 1476–85, page 358; Rymer, volume xii, page 190. He received the office of Marshal of England, and the name, title, and honour of Earl Marshal of England, to him and the heirs male of his body, which John, late Duke of Norfolk, held and which came into the King's hand on his death sine prole mascula: bearing a gold rod (as granted by Richard II), with a fee of £20 out of the fee farm of Ipswich. (Howard), John 1st Duke of Norfolk (I698)
740 See Paston Letters, volume iii, page 486; Weever, page 506, who states erroneously that she died in 1452. Her brass remains there. A drawing of her heraldic gravestone is in Cott. MS., Jul., C vii, folio 237 (Coll. of Nicholas Charles), and a description in Collins's Peerage, volume i, pages 63, 64. de Moleyns, Catherine (I699)
741 See also Wikipedia with URL links to digital versions hosted by the Internet Archive: 
Source Source: S13 (S13)
742 Served at the Battle of Trafalgar under Lord Nelson, 21 October 1805. Whitaker, Captain Thomas R.N. (I2734)
743 Served during the First World War (wounded). Gordon-Lennox, Victor Charles Hugh (I1119)
744 Served during the Second World War (mentioned in despatches). Gordon-Lennox, Rear-Admiral Sir Alexander Henry Charles (I1055)
745 Served during the Second World War (wounded, mentioned in despatches). Gordon-Lennox, Lt.-Gen. Sir George Charles (I1054)
746 Served in the Army and had a troop of Dragoons Croft, Stephen (I2053)
747 Served in the Great War, 1914–19. Leaf, Lt.-Col. Henry Meredith (I2253)
748 Served in the Great War. Gordon-Lennox, Charles Henry styled Lord Settrington (I975)
749 Served in the Second World War. Gordon-Lennox, Captain Reginald Arthur Charles (I1032)
750 Served in the Second World War. Villiers, Cdr. Thomas Hyde (I2546)

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